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US Federal Incentives for Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
There are several financial incentives and measures to stimulate energy efficiency and solar, wind and other renewable energy development, manufacturing, installation and operation in the United States.
Federal Tax Credits for Solar Electric (PV), Solar Water heating, Wind and other Energy Efficiency systems: The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit is a nonrefundable energy tax credit to help individual taxpayers pay for qualified residential alternative energy equipment, such as solar electric (PV) systems, solar hot water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and wind turbines. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is for non-residential (corporate) investments. The tax credit is equal to 30 percent of the cost of qualified property.
Residential Energy Credits: IRS Form 5695 & Instructions
Corporate Investment Tax Credit: IRS Form 3468 & Instructions
Note: If you recive a rebate from a Utility (non-public funds) then you may need to subtract the rebate amount from the system cost (to attain "net cost") to determine the cost basis for the Investment Tax Credit.
Source EnergyStar.gov: Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions
MACRS Depreciation:
Under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in certain property through depreciation deductions. A number of renewable energy technologies are classified as five-year property under MACRS. To qualify for MACRS depreciation, a project must satisfy certain criteria: See DSIREUSA.org
Our Solar & Wind Estimator includes these solar and wind incentives and many others. Use it to calculate the cost savings you can realize now by installing a solar or wind energy system of your own.
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TIP: Use your local solar, wind or energy professional to help you understand the full spectrum of tax credits, deductions, purchase, energy production incentives and special utility rates that may be available to you. They are experts and on-top of the latest developments:
Residential Energy Credits: IRS Form 5695 & Instructions
Corporate Investment Tax Credit: IRS Form 3468 & Instructions
The Energy Star program also has information related to » tax credits for Consumers (Home Improvements, Cars, Solar Energy Systems, Fuel Cells), Tax Credits for Home Builders, Tax Credits for Appliance Manufacturers, and Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings
There are many state, federal and local incentives available to help pay for the cost of installing renewable energy systems. Here is a Database of Grants and Rebates.
To help homeowners take advantage of the energy efficiency tax credits, the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) has created a special tax credits Web site. See the ASE Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Web site.