Database of solar incentives in US including solar power rebates available in US and solar tax credits. We have incorporated this incentive and rebate data into our free online estimator below

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Our Solar & Wind Estimators are driven by our proprietary databases - the industry's largest and most up-to-date - of solar and wind energy incentives and solar/wind energy rebates. We include federal, state, local and utility incentives and rebates for solar and wind energy systems. These include tax credits, tax deductions, property tax relief, purchase incentives (rebates), production incentives, and more. Our solar & wind estimators cover solar electric, solar water heating, solar pool and spa heating, and wind turbines.

Use our Solar & Wind Estimators to see these solar and wind energy incentives and rebates in action and run financial analysis.

Incentive summaries, below, include Federal Investment Tax Credit and other federal tax incentives for solar power and wind energy investments, such as Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation.

To learn more about solar power and wind energy system, renewable energy and energy efficiency incentive and rebate program options reference the links and notes provided below or in our Solar & Wind Estimator

TIP: Use your local Solar & Wind professionals to help you understand the full spectrum of tax credits, deductions, purchase, solar/wind energy production incentives and special utility rates that may be available to you. They are experts and on-top of the latest developments:

Summary of Solar & Wind Incentives and Rebates currently stored and available:

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Federal Tax Credit (30% of Net Cost at Installation) » link