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The Top Destination for Persons Looking to Install Wind & Solar is one of the most visited, highest-traffic sites for persons looking to install solar power, wind energy and other renewable energy systems and options. If you would like to see how our visitor traffic compares to others, Click Here and you will be able to enter other sites for side-by-side comparison. Historically, we have more than ten times (10x) more visitors compared to smaller, new sites and twice as many visitors as established commercial sites (like When it comes to "page views" we are head and shoulders above all others -- this means people visiting our site stay, read, learn and are generally serious and informed when it comes to solar and wind energy. This results in more valuable interactions for the Solar Pros listed on our site.

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We currently average more than 75,000 unique visitors per month (2,500 per day), more than 225,000 page loads per month and have provided thousands of referrals and sales leads to Solar Pros. is our main domain. However people also come to us through our alternative domains including, and via our professional profile and solar & wind estimator services which many people place on their own websites.

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To date we have provided more than 70,870 new business opportunities to Solar Pros across the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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